ACPL, Sirsi, and SOPAC

More good news for SOPAC this month.

Sean Robinson has just posted a walk-through on how to get SOPAC working with Sirsi! Sean and his staff at Allen County Public Library have been steadily working on a Locum connector for Sirsi for several months now. When I last had a chance to hang out with Sean at Internet Librarian he had told me that they were very close to having a working connector for Sirsi.

What is truly impressive is that they were able to do it without the connector documentation that I have been so slow to produce. It's coming!

Kudos to the ACPL staff and their hard work!

To grab the connector, pull it down with svn:

svn export svn://


Can't export from SVN

Is it just me? I get this error:

Can't connect to host '': No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Not sure. Sean may have it

Not sure. Sean may have it disabled temporarily.


It works now =)