SOPAC Virtual Server released

Over the past few months, I've been chatting with various individuals about the possibility of releasing a VMWare linux server, pre-configured and set up with SOPAC, Locum, Insurge, and Drupal ready to go. Well, I finally got around to doing it, and you can deploy it now.

I've created a turnkey, out-of-the-box SOPAC install and exported it using Open Virtualization Format (OVF). This should make deploying to your VMWare farm a snap. Simply select your host and click File > Deploy OVF Template. You can then Deploy from URL: using the following URL: Demo.ovf

Follow the on-screen directions, and in a few minutes, you'll have a fully functioning SOPAC deployment.

A Few Notes

The Virtual server is running Debian Linux (Etch) and is pre-configured with VMWare tools, so once you boot it up, you should be able to see its new IP.

In order to log in and use your new server, you'll need to know the following passwords:

  • Linux:
    • root / sopacroot
    • sopac / sopac
  • Mysql:
    • root / sopac
    • scasuser / scasuser
  • Drupal:
    • sopacadmin / sopacadmin

Once your server it booted up, you'll want to modify your PC's host file so that the hostname "sopac" (no domain name) points to the virtual server's IP address. Once you've done that, go check out your new SOPAC site by visiting:


This VM has been pre-loaded with data from Darien Library's catalog, and is pointing to our server for availability, so please become familiar with locum and reconfigure it to use your ILS, thanks!

Finally, while you can certainly use this VM as the basis of a production server, I would urge you to consider the fact that it's fairly untested and you might want to stress it a little first. I'm providing this, primarily, as a way to get SOPAC in your hands quickly and give you the opportunity to back-fill your knowledge of the project and how it's installed. I will certainly update this image as issues arise and new software versions are rolled out.

Have fun!


Can't go to http://sopac/catalog

We loaded the ovf template and added a static IP address for the server. Added this IP address to the hosts file on the local PC. When we go to http://socpac/catalog, we get a Drupal banner that says "SOPAC test site" and a "This page could not be found" error. When we go to http://sopac, we get a Drupal banner and a "Welcome to your SOPAC Test Site!" page. There's a link here for the Catalog that will get us to a search box. Is there something wrong with the Drupal configuration (we're not Drupal experts at all) that is preventing us from going to http://sopac/catalog? Do you have any ideas what we can check?

SOPAC Virtual Server Import Error

I'm using VMWare Infrastructure Client 2.5 at Newport Beach Public Library. I've never worked with ovf's before but the process seems very straight-forward. However, I tried pointing to the url to import the ovf and immediately got the error:

An error occurred while parsing the OVF descriptor: Unable to parse xml element 'Envelope'.


i used vmwares "ovftool"; a commandline tool that helped me create a local version of the image.

the command was as simples as:
ovftool C:\VirtualMachines\sopac.vmx

Thanks. That's another

Thanks. That's another simple way of doing it.

The OVF tool can be downloaded from:

Odd, I exported the VM using

Odd, I exported the VM using ESXi 4. My guess is that VMWare IC 2.5 may not be fully compatible with the OVF format exported by 4.

VMware Workstation or Server?

Has anyone gotten this to work on VMware Workstation or Server? I keep getting similar parse errors.