What are SOPAC, Locum, and Insurge?

What is SOPAC?

SOPAC (Social Online Public Access Catalog) is a module for the Drupal CMS that provides true integration of your library catalog system with the power of the Drupal content management system while allowing users to tag, rate, and review your holdings. User input is then incorporated into the discovery index so that SOPAC becomes a truly community-driven catalog system. Other features include:

  • Faceted browsing
  • Ajax-empowered interface with native jQuery support
  • 100% customizable interface via the Drupal template system
  • Ability to remove search limiters
  • Saved searches
  • Integrated renewals, holds placement, and fine payment
  • Ability to customize the user experience via the administrative control panel
  • Ability to create custom functionality via a Drupal sub-module

Because SOPAC depends on Locum to connect to your integrated library system, it has the potential to work with any ILS.

What is Locum?

Locum is a PHP software library that does two things:

First, it creates an abstraction layer between your ILS and any PHP application you wish to build on top of it. 'Connector' pieces can be developed so that Locum will operate with any ILS. This will allow application developers to write programs that will work in any library running locum, regardless of what ILS they are using.

Second, Locum provides a bibliographic discovery layer and interface to the open source full-text indexing engine Sphinx. This gives Locum the power to not only provide an open transactional interface with your ILS, but a very powerful, external index of your holdings an open RDBMS--MySQL.

What is Insurge?

Insurge allows developers to associate interactive social data with bibliographic records. You could say that Insurge puts the "S" in SOPAC. It provides the programmatic mechanism and social storage facility to any application built on top of it.

Insurge also allows developers to harness the power of a repository of social data that can be imported via Locum and displayed via applications like SOPAC to bolster local bibliographic social data sets.

Where can I see it in action?

You can see SOPAC in action by visiting the following library catalogs:

BibLibre also has a demo installation, using French translation and the internationalization support they developed.

How do I get it?

You get it all here! Visit the downloads section to get started.

How much does it cost?

It's free and open sourced! SOPAC, Locum, and Insurge are all licensed under the GNU Public License v3.

Where do I get support?

Thesocialopac.net is a site dedicated to building an open source community around the project. You can start by reading the online documentation and talk with other users and developers in the forums.